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If you are looking to get involved with a wonderful organization that serves a great cause, we are the organization for you! As a grassroots organization, the Sierra Club offers many rewarding opportunities for volunteers to get involved and effect change in our community. Please check off any activities that are of interest to you. Don't worry about lack of experience, we all work together as volunteers. To learn more about these or other volunteer opportunities, contact 

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Special Campaigns

URGENT NEED - Bottle Bill Campaign - Help us in our efforts to pass the Bottle Bill Update! Activities range from gathering signatures for the ballot initiative, posting comments in blogs, helping with our blog, sending letters to legislators, writing to newspaper editors, tabling, and attending special events. Checking this box will place you on the once-monthly email list of the Bottle Bill Update Campaign, alerting you to upcoming actions, alerts, and other ways of getting involved.

Twitter Team - Join the chapter's twitter team, helping tweet on important the Bottle Bill, Plastic Bags, and other issues. Requires twitter and tweetdeck knowledge.

Facebook Team - Join the chapter's facebook team, posting on the bottle bill, plastic bags, and other important topics. Requires facebook proficiency.

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