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Greater Boston Group

To learn more about the environmental issues your local Sierra Club group is working on, please contact the Greater Boston Group at gbg@sierraclubmass2.org.  Information on the group pages is submitted and maintained by the group leaders.

The Greater Boston Group of the Massachusetts Sierra Club serves Sierra Club members in the Greater Boston metropolitan area.

We are environmental activists who focus on a issues that affect the quality of life in our region including urban sprawl, air quality, transportation, and the preservation of open space. We also address regional issues such as wetlands preservation, pollution and runoff, and the disruption of sea life.

Our transportation subcommittee is active on a number of fronts. We support high-speed rail development and the North/South Rail Link.

We are advocates of increased and improved mass transit solutions, more intermodal traffic usage, and improved bicycle access. Our activities deal not only with how transportation problems affect the greater Boston area, but how the traffic systems impact visitors and the regional economies.

Monthly meetings are usually held on the second Tuesday of every month at the chapter office. All Sierra Club members are welcome! If you have something that you wish to bring to the group's attention please send it to the Sierra Club's Boston office one week ahead of time; send email to gbg@sierraclubmass2.org.


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